Good Advice. Great MortgageS.

That's all we do at Nichols & Co. Mortgage Advisors.
We don't have crazy TV commercials or catchy radio jingles.
Because keeping it simple saves you money on your mortgage.

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Trina Nichols

Your best leverage for getting a great mortgage is an expert you trust.

And since 2003, I've been hard at work earning the trust of homeowners across the state of Missouri. Odds are, you’re here because someone who trusts me sent you here, and we're glad you came. We're different in a lot of ways, but the one you're most interested in right now is probably how we're going to save you money.

At Nichols & Company, we are a small, highly efficient team that originates & closes mortgages quickly and generally at lower cost to our borrowers than other local and nationwide lenders. We can do this because all of our clients are referred to us by other satisfied clients. We don't have a marketing department, an advertising budget, or sales meetings. Low overhead + high production volume means our rates and fees are more than just competitive. Reach out today and let us show you what that means for your next mortgage.

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We're a small and efficient team of real people working every day to bring the best mortgage options to our clients.


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