Hello! I'm

Trina Nichols

…and I’m pretty good with mortgages.

About Me

I’ve been originating mortgages for  a while!

Since 2003, I’ve been hard at work earning the trust of homeowners and investors all over St. Louis and across Missouri. Odds are, you’re here because someone who trusts us told you to look us up. 

I’m a homeowner myself!

I love living in St. Louis’ historic and beautiful Central West End, where my husband and I have been lovingly restoring our 1914 Tudor home since 2013. It is old in some parts, newer in others, with most of it somewhere in between.

Our home is also our most irreplaceable asset.

To be clear and frank, while we do carry a mortgage this home does NOT belong to “the bank”. It is ours. We have raised children here, hosted Thanksgiving feasts, celebrated graduations and birthdays and sometimes for no reason at all. Our home is much more to us than just brick and mortar and wood.

Our homes are where our dreams and memories live.

And there’s more to the right mortgage than just the cheapest payment. It’s an investment vehicle that accounts for your family’s needs now and in the future. It can help provide for his college, her wedding, your retirement. It’s a secure place to grow equity into a legacy that remains long after we’re gone.

I take your mortgage seriously. Because I take my mortgage seriously.

I listen. I ask questions. I solve problems for which banks and other brokers may not have the experience, time, or attention to solve. I have access to hundreds of programs and lenders, and I know how to find the right fit whether your employment, income, property, or credit situation is simple or complex.

I’m lucky & grateful to have 100% of my new clients come from my previous clients.

This allows me to run my business with focus and intent on doing right by my clients; without expenses like a big advertising budget. Short version: I keep margins low and am more than simply “competitive”, economically speaking.

In other words, I set out every day to be the mortgage professional I would insist upon if I were in your shoes.

Don't take my word for it...
Here's what some of my clients say.
  • Steve M.
    "Everything was exceptional about our experience with Trina! She helped us purchase our first house, as well as our dream house 5 years later and delivered smooth, painless experiences both times. Her advice and mortgage expertise helped us navigate us through the complicated and confusing world of home mortgages while making everything very easy to understand and educating us about our mortgage process without overwhelming us with too much information. She responded to our inquiries immediately every time and always went the extra mile to explain our options to us as well as give us amazing advice throughout the process. Trina knocked it out of the park for us!! You will not find a better advisor to help explain a complicated and confusing mortgage environment to you and also keep your best interests at heart throughout the loan process. Trina is a pleasure to work with and will always stay in touch with you to answer any questions that may come up along the way. She truly has your best interest in mind and will work diligently to ensure you receive best in class service before, during, and after the closing process."
  • Lani H.
    "Trina helped us finance our current home as well as our first home years ago. In both cases, Trina was exceptional at doing the research for us and finding the best fit for our needs. Once we found our current house, the sellers required a closing period that was longer than the usual 60 days but Trina helped us to lock in the lowest possible rate in spite of this. Anyone considering Trina as a mortgage advisor should know that she is honest and determined to best meet your individual needs. Although my husband and I aren’t experts in the home buying process, Trina has always been exceptional at walking us through every step of the financing process, and has always been a great communicator, constantly checking in with us and giving us reminders so things would go smoothly both before and after the loan closing."
  • Mark G.
    Kansas City
    "When I was interested in refinancing my current mortgage from a 30 year to a 15 year lower rate, one challenge I had was proof of income because I am self-employed. My brother recommended I contact Trina. She worked with my accountant very well and was able to achieve the information needed to make the refinance process seamless. Trina was available at all times and so quick with her responses to any questions we had. I couldn’t believe how quickly our loan closed. This financing experience was the most pleasant and least stressful that I have experienced thus far. She went above and beyond to make our refinance happen."
  • Dan D.
    "I contacted Trina because I was needing to refinance my home that I purchased. She was informed and genuinely interested in helping me. I explained my objectives to Trina and in short order, I had a great mortgage with a great rate! Trina was able to guide me to information that helped improve my overall credit and I was able to then refinance a year later to get even a better rate. The whole experience was more than just exceptional service, all I had to do was sign and collect a check! No issues! All you have to do is meet her once and explain your needs-she does the rest in a timely and professional manner. She is simply the best!"
  • Nathan B.
    St. Peters
    "I have used Trina for my mortgage at least 3 times. This most recent time, I was going through some tough issues and there were several hurdles for me to overcome in order to refinance my house. Trina researched different loan programs for me and provided all the documents I needed to take the next steps. She handled everything with great care and respect that made the process as painless as possible. Every time I have worked with her, she has been fast and efficient and got me to where I needed to be."
  • Mark T.
    St. Charles
    "I contacted Trina because I wanted to drop my rate. My biggest issue was that the value of my home had dropped by $35,000. I was afraid that my lack of equity would make refinancing impossible. She not only made the refinancing possible, but she was able to make sure that I did not have any PMI either. Even though the lender was making Trina jump through countless hoops, she persevered and got me the loan. Having Trina in your corner guarantees that you will walk away with a a great mortgage arrangement."
  • Karen B.
    St. Charles
    "I contacted Trina because I was in a lease purchase and needed to obtain a new loan to make the purchase. We needed to close quickly. There were several obstacles with the lease/purchase that Trina was extremely helpful with overcoming. She went out of her way to help us make this very painless. The closing went very well and we were very please with everything that Trina did to make this happen for us. She spent many hours working to make it all come together. I could contact her at almost anytime and she would be there for us. We were very thankful to be able to become ‘happy homeowners’!"
  • Kelly G.
    "I contacted Trina because she worked with us before and she made it so easy the first time we refinanced our house, so we decided we would go with her again. We wanted to refinance our house to a lower rate, consolidate all of our bills, and get extra money to fix some items around the house. We wanted to close as fast as we could and Trina accomplished this quicker than we thought could be done. Not only did we get a lower rate, we cut 10 years off our loan, and received the extra money to work on our house. My wife’s schedule doesn’t allow for her to get off from work easily, so Trina was available for us when WE could meet her. She was also very organized and had all of our paperwork ready for us to sign. I would recommend Trina to any of my friends or family as she really knows her stuff. She is much more personable than someone from a bank and much more accessible. She will answer all of your questions, not matter how many you have and we had a lot. You will not be disappointed if you use her. I would give her a 10 out of 10!!!"
  • Lori G.
    "My family has used Trina many times over the past decade and she is always so organized and top of things. Most recently I purchased a new home and I had to get a loan before selling my old house, but Trina made the transition for me as painless as possible. After selling my old home, she was then able to help me get a better loan for the long term. She is so very helpful during the stressful times of preparing to move and sell your home, so nice to know she has everything taken care of. Trina is the BEST!!!"
  • Christy H.
    St. Louis
    "My brother-in-law referred us to Trina because we wanted to refinance our mortgage and take advantage of the lower interest rates, and she helped us overcome a number of obstacles throughout the refinancing process. For example, we had failed in previous attempts to refinance our renovated home because an adequate comp was not available in our urban neighborhood. When we became eligible to refinance through a government program, Trina notified us immediately to take advantage of it. Once approved, she got us a low interest rate and vigorously persisted through the paperwork bureaucracies of our prior bank to meet tight deadlines. Trina was extremely responsive, informed, and persistent, and she was happy to work on our behalf and answer our many questions throughout the refinancing process. Trina was willing to go the extra mile to serve us. Trina is someone you can trust to handle your home mortgage and help you navigate and overcome obstacles associated with financing your home."
  • Connie C.
    St. Charles
    "I needed to refinance in my name only, but being self-employed presented a HUGE challenge for me in proving my income and getting my debt to income ratio where it needed to be. Trina did an amazing job helping me gather all the information and documentation I needed and was able to find a lender that best fit my particular circumstances. She never gave up, even when I was losing hope. Trina hung in there for me and was able to find the perfect loan to fit my needs at a payment that is more than affordable. Thanks to the low payment and rate, I’m hoping to have my house paid off in 7 years! Something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish when I started the loan process. If anyone can make it happen for you, Trina can!"
  • Joe J.
    St. Charles
    "Trina is a true professional. She kept us informed throughout the process & followed up with us. She always made herself available to us, answering all questions we came up with. She made the closing process as simple as it could be to meet our schedule. We have already referred Trina to family members & will continue to do so in the future. She knows what she’s doing and is compassionate and excited about her work–Trina really loves what she’s doing!"
  • Patricia H.
    St. Charles
    "Trina is my ‘go-to’ mortgage person for my clients. As a real estate professional, Trina handles my buyers needs with professionalism, she is thorough and exceptionally personable. My clients have nothing but great things to say about her. Give her a call for your mortgage needs."
  • Kelly H.
    "Trina has done several loans for our family and friends over the last 10-15 years. She is professional, knowledgeable and always make us feel like we are her most important client. She has always been accommodating to our busy schedules which is very important to us."
  • Adrienne P.
    St. Charles
    "Trina Nichols is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I highly recommend her advice and business insight to all those who have mortgage questions. Not only is Trina personable, she has your best interest in mind. Trina was our mortgage consultant, and she went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Trina!"
  • Cory O.
    St. Peters
    "We would have never been able to do it without you. Buying and living in this house is still one of our greatest acomplishments and you were there EVERY step of the way cheering us on and supporting us. You rock!"
  • Amanda H.
    St. Louis
    "Trina is absolutely incredible to work with. The knowledge she has in regards to her business is over more than most people in her profession have. She goes above and beyond for every client not just a select few, and she works hard to get the job done with a quick turn over. Her professionalism and kind personality make her a true privilege to work with. I would never work with a mortgage company that she wasn’t representing."
  • Jessi M.
    "Thanks to Trina we found the best mortgage rate possible. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Trina was quick to respond to every question and concern we had and was always willing to review every detail with us. Buying a home is a very important decision and a big deal to each family, she made sure to treat us as if she was buying it for herself. We are truly thankful for all her hard work over the years. We have been fortunate to purchase both of our homes through her in the past 8 years."
  • Michelle K.
    St. Louis
    "When we needed to lower our interest rate, a friend told us about Trina. We had a very high loan-to-value ratio, but Trina found a loan that was a great fit and dropped our monthly payment by over 25% while taking care of everything and keeping us informed all along the way. Don’t hesitate to choose Trina."
  • Rachael L.
    "We have used Trina for our home buying and re-financing. I have never dealt with a mortgage broker who has the knowledge and customer service that she has. She constantly goes above and beyond and makes us feel like we are her number one priority. She explains everything so well and no question or concern is to small for her. I have had some bad experiences in the past and am so happy to have found someone that is as kind and knowledgable as Trina. She even brought our children gifts when she would come to see us. We feel like she is family!"
  • L. E.
    St. Louis
    "Words are not enough to say just how wonderful Trina is to work with. No only does she perform miracles, she is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. She makes mortgage lending, a very scary word, easily understandable and she is willing to work day and night to achieve loans which are impossible for other institutions or for other lenders to comprehend let alone make happen and make happen IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Trina is an extremely hard working individual and takes her career seriously while other brokers sit around and wait for the clock to hit 5PM to run home or sit at their desks and go through their usual routine and not attempt anything out of the ordinary to help their clients. She will explore every avenue to help her clients however she can and she will put in over time to grant her clients the best possible outcome and she will never abandon her clients after the paperwork is signed. She is a 'friend' for life."
  • Andrew L.
    "Trina was awesome. Not only was she super helpful and knowledgeable with the VA home buying process, but she found me a much lower rate than I ever thought I would get. I have since recommended her to all of my friends looking for homes."
  • Roger B.
    "I was preparing to buy a new home and found one at the top of my budget. Trina worked hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of my financial position and structured loan options that met my objectives, avoided PMI payments and worked within my budget. She has always been extremely responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her help and guidance made my dream home become a reality. You won’t find a better person to work with. Trina is thorough, she is responsive, she skilled at all aspects of what she does but most important, Trina cares about her clients and understands that the transaction transcends the details of the lending process … she knows it’s about finding a home and a lifestyle that supports the goals and objectives of a family."
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