Buy your next home with confidence.

The kind that comes from having an expert in your corner.

Here’s how we keep your purchase financing simple:

1. Establish buying power.

If you like our rates, complete our simple online application and we’ll equip you with a strongly worded Conditional Approval Letter that shows agents and sellers you are the “real deal”. Time to go shopping, and let us know here when you’re preparing to make an offer.

2. Send us your contract.

Before too long, we hope you’ve found a new place to call “home”. Upload your executed sales contract here and we’ll get to work on final lender approval while coordinating the transaction between the lender and title company, as well as your insurance and real estate agents.

3. Enjoy your new home.

Of course there will be (a lot of) things to sign on closing day. Once that’s done, you’ll be building equity and making new memories in a small piece of the world that now belongs to you, and that’s why we think our jobs are pretty cool.

Mortgages can be confusing. Pop onto Trina’s calendar here to discuss your goals, ask questions, and develop a game plan together.

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